Diabetes and kinds of Exercises

Exercises are an important treatment in normalizing blood glucose level in type 2 diabetes as well as in your body. It is also important to know the kind of exercise diabetics should undertake that involve minimizing the risks and at once deriving maximum good things about normalize the blood sugar and giving a healthy body. There are mainly three forms of exercises - aerobic, anaerobic and stretching.

Aerobic exercises - Cardio exercises require increased level of oxygen for prolonged period of time. They are beneficial to both the respiratory and circulatory systems with the body. This involves prolonged, repetitive utilization of large muscles from the body, which raise the body's demand for oxygen. These cardio exercises are brisk or fast walking, jogging, swimming, cycling and skipping. These exercises assist in improving cardiovascular fitness.

Anaerobic exercises - Exercises which are of short duration like strength training and sprinting which is short distance but top speed running. They strengthen the muscles but they are of little assistance to the cardiovascular system. These exercises are out of bounds for those with diabetes, as much dangers may take place to them.

Stretches - The stretches are designed to strengthen the joints in the body and to increase their flexibility. They range from the activities like yoga. They're useful as warming up or getting gotten ready for a more strenuous and prolonged duration of exercise at the end like a cooling down exercise. They're also helpful to the joints and muscles of the body.

These exercises improve blood sugar levels regulation by increasing sensitivity to insulin, so that the body helps make the optimum use of insulin. They also give a general feeling of well being. The diabetic can choose any of the following exercises involving aerobic activities like walking with moderate speed for approximately half an hour, jogging, if desired and possible, but one has to be cautious; cycling - stationary or outdoor and swimming.

While doing any of these exercises, it is advisable to have A few minutes of stretching exercises, both prior to the start of the exercise diabetes type 2 at the end.

Disclaimer: This information is not meant to provide health advice and is also for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified doctor before starting any health program.

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